Date of creation: 6/25/2014
MCAlink Inc
President Makoto Arima

Introduction In the course of providing various services, MCAlink Inc (hereinafter referred to as "company"), is entrusted with the personal data of our clients. We are aware of the importance of such data and the societal responsibility that comes with being entrusted with it, and we will protect it according to the basic policies set out below:

1. Acquisition of Personal Data
The company will obtain personal data in a legal manner, without resorting to deception or other wrongful means.

2. Use of Personal Data
The company will use personal data only in the way specified when the data was acquired. However, if the purpose of use is clear from the context at the time of acquisition, the explicit purpose of use may be omitted.
In addition, unless there is a valid reason, we will not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties.

3. Safety Management of Personal Data
The company will take appropriate measures to prevent leakage, damage or loss of the personal data we handle, as well as other safety management measures.

4. Entrusting Personal Data to Third Parties
The company does not provide or disclose personal data to any third parties except in the following cases:
・ If the client consents.
・ If the client cannot be identified on the basis of the data provided.
・ If we are required by law to do so.
・ In cases where it serves the protection of human lives, physical health or property and it is difficult
  to obtain the consent of the client himself.
・ In cases where the handling of personal data is necessary for cooperating with a state organ, a
  local government, or an individual entrusted by either of the former in executing the affairs
  prescribed by laws and regulations.
・ In cases of formal lawful referrals from courts, the public prosecutor's office, police, lawyers,
  consumer centers, or similar authorities.

5. Requests for the Disclosure of Personal Data
If the client requests the disclosure of personal data in case of an accident, the company will comply immediately. However, the company will not release the data if it cannot verify at the time that the person making the request is indeed the client.

If you have any requests or inquiries related to the handling of personal data in regards to the above, please do not hesitate to contact us:

MCAlink Ltd
Tel: 045-317-6196
Business Hours: 9:00 - 18:00 (Japan Standard Time)

6. Organization/System
(1) The company has a dedicated personal data protection
  manager who implements proper management of personal data and makes continuous
(2) The company ensures the proper handling of personal data in day-to-day operations by
  conducting trainings on the management and proper protection of personal data for staff and

7. Disclaimer
While all possible measures have been taken in regards to the information published by the company, we assume no responsibility for damages (incidental damages, special damages, consequential damages, collateral damages) caused by the use of this information due to legal revisions and other causes.

We ask you to bear all final individual responsibility regarding the use of this information.